Platform that increases sales, building supreme customer relationship SOLUTION OVERVIEW

Selecta is AI based next generation CRM platform that will:

Grow your sales – By creating deep data segmentation of your customers requirements and offering them products and services that meet their needs.

Optimize your marketing campaigns – Selecta minimizes the need for bulk marketing campaigns by targeting customers with the right product on the channel they prefer.

Create satisfied customers – Developing and improving customer relationships by personalizing and customizing products and services peculiar to their individual needs.

BANKING Companies that have a lot of data have a competitive advantage because of the quantity and quality of the data they hold. For example, in banking information like customer’s spending habits, mediums of investment, response to marketing campaigns, etc. make banks the custodians of a wealth of data. Our Next Best Offer model empowers companies to recognize the clients who will purchase their products or services with 85% reliability. banking? RETAIL Selecta enables developing and improving customer relationships by personalizing and customizing products and services peculiar to their individual needs. The company’s ability to predict customer needs, offer personalized products and services, and comply with ever-expanding regulations will be key to its success. retail? RETAIL In telco industry it is five times more expensive to attract new consumers then to retain existing one. Our churn prediction model recognizes customers who are likely to leave or to start using products and services from competition. Selecta’s churn model determines steps that company must take in order to increase retention rate. telco? Are you ready
for data driven

Enhance power of data

Solution Companies with large customer databases have big advantage. Using big data and data lake concept Selecta collects all data are streamed to one centralized place to improve business processes of companies. Collected data about customer’s habits and their reactions and responses on marketing campaigns are great input that Selecta use for making real time decisions. Operational module Operational module provides 360 customer view ass one of its functionalities. Through fully detailed and controlled sales process, Selecta enables lea management from the first phase to realization of sales process. 360 view enables customer alignment, predictive analysis, drives customer intelligence and customer loyalty. OPERATIONAL MODULE Analytical module ANALYTICAL MODULE Selecta is collecting data from all possible sources, whether it is a website visit or logs into account in the app or website. This data is processed and represents inputs for machine learning models. Each of these models has outputs which represent benefit for the company-how to increase sales, retain existing customers, and increase customer satisfaction. Analytical module Campaign Management Tool makes marketing efforts better, more targeted and more personalized. Campaign Management tool lets users create and execute campaigns for segmented groups of customers. Specific campaign can start on a particular channel, and then continue on other channels. All campaign results are summarized in one place, thus enabling a unique reporting system. CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT

Selecta – the platform that suits your business! Completely

As we said, this is not another CRM, it is relationship platform that is totally adapting to your business processes and needs. We conduct in-depth analysis and overview of business processes before implementation, because this enables us to address client’s needs. You will have dashboards and reports who provides you all necessary information for your business, we are together defining your stages of

Next Generation Relationship Platform

Next Generation Relationship Platforms need to pickup where traditional CRMs left off, transforming their customer engagement across all communication channels. A real-time decision hub can take your company to the next level of productivity.

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