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Under-utilization of opportunity management on all touch-points in Retail banking. Lack of a comprehensive and actionable 360° customer view, which supports better understanding of customers and their needs. Missing digital information about prospective customers. There were difficulties in tracking sales and service activities and especially challenges in pipeline activities management. A great amount of unstructured digital data (Raiffeisen bank Internet site, Rea Chatbot, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) was not utilized for predictive modeling and campaign purposes. Multiple systems are used by different departments and fragmented customer information across multiple systems. Hopping between multiple systems for getting customer information.

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Solution provided

Full 360 customer view (core banking and third-party products and services, risk data, collection data, customer applications, customer complaints, customer profile, transactional activities, communication with sales offers and history of all touch-points with the bank, etc.).

Lead and Task Management module including prospect registration.

Notification module to simplify and increase transparency in the communication between front and back-office including automated information about lead status changes.

Dashboards to support sales and service activities management and tracking sales results.

Decision-Hub including real-time capabilities which supports building a set of real-time actions.

Next-best offer and next-best action.

Big data layer (for storing mass unstructured data from Web Site, Rea Chatbot, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) integrated with the complete architecture.

Modern Campaign Management integrated with all sales and service channels, that is capable to place offers in real-time.

Reporting module to support automated visualization of all relevant KPIs.

Wealth: Customer facing CRM for creating optimal financial and investment proposals and meeting the financial needs of premium clients, which provides them with a tailored approach and enriches their experience.

Survey: Event-based Survey Management for examining and measuring customer satisfaction in order to improve the current portfolio, but also for verifying actions made by other modules.

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“Customers are the most important intangible assets for many businesses across the globe. With the purpose to significantly improve the relationship with our customers and to strongly support the bank’s vision to be the most recommended financial institution in the Serbian market, Selecta supported by advanced analytics, has enabled us to build a robust sales/service platform with a unified and flexible interface to manage all customer touch-points for marketing and sales activities. With Selecta in place, we are maximizing Customer Lifetime value and consequently the bank’s Customer Equity”

Dragan Mikičić
Head of CRM Department, Raiffeisen bank Serbia

Customer 360 view besides capturing the customer profile quickly enables boosting of all activities in the customer lifecycle such as smarter onboarding, increased cross-sell and up-sell during the mature phase and more effective customer retention.

Eliminated lead leakage on all channels. Capturing leads across all channels (ATMs, i/mBanking, Web Site, Branches, Call Center, Email, Chatbot, etc.) through a single integrated platform and further smart lead management. Enable and manage the digital pre-approved and online lending processes. Registering potential customers and further activities with them is included.

Quick and seamless designing of new customer campaigns. Automated lead assignment to various teams including Call Centre, Branches, RMs, etc. Campaign management integrated with lead and task management module enables proper tracking and management of all sale and service activities and consequently increases lead conversion. The whole system is additionally supported by the notification module, which simplifies the whole process and makes it more efficient.

Number of real-time marketing activities including rejected ATM transactions, recognized customer intent during the conversation with Rea chatbot, identified customers over the bank’s website and actions according to their affinities, and many others

Next-best offer and next-best action strongly support more efficient and effective customer service and new sale including the creation of personalized contextual offers in real-time.

A quick view of critical KPIs through the dashboarding module, and a comprehensive visual solution regarding all relevant KPIs through the reporting module.

All these benefits enabled by Selecta solution led to improved relationship with our customers and enhanced customer experience, which put Raiffeisen bank ahead of our competitors and guarantee sustainable banking in the long run.

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