Taking care of premium clients in the banking industry

June 3, 2021.

Special category of your customers, to which you pay special attention, who is assigned a personal banker to raise the quality of services to an even higher level – premium customer, often pushes you forward with their demands and puts you in a competitive position with the competition. Simply, it positions the bank in the market. The tried and tested type of “word of mouth” marketing, which has a high position in the premium customer segment, is a benefit that has a huge value for the bank.

Bearing in mind this, meeting the needs of premium clients in any industry has always been a top priority for companies, and the banking industry is no exception. Taking care of your premium clients, their wealth management, and providing them with an exceptional customer experience will always be a high-priority goal. Operationally, greater integration of technology to improve their experience will be a key focus for banks. This is not only to respond to their demands but also to empower the relationship managers and provide them with tools to better serve their clients.

Using advanced systems with various integrated modules helps banks meet all requirements to become data-driven. It can help them get to know their client and their financial needs and work together with them on achieving their goals, achieving long-term satisfaction down the road. These solutions, can help provide a personalized and tailored service that has been proven to enhance client loyalty, offer banks a competitive advantage, enabling them to deliver faster service, and again gives the power to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

Getting to know the client

This is a crucial step in achieving good customer relationships and achieving their maximum satisfaction. It is the basis of the entire advisory and wealth management process. Customer relationship management software platforms, based on artificial intelligence, not only help in better factual knowledge of premium customers but also go a step further, analyzing customer habits and behavior to complete the customer experience with a personalized offer.

Comprehensive data analysis by the platform provides a complete picture of the customer, the popular “360° overview”, based on that, certain customer actions can be predicted, where you support your customer in total. Customers will be able to appreciate such care, especially when it comes to big life investments such as buying a car, starting a new business, your kids enrolling faculties, and the intelligent platform can predict those situations.

Personal bankers now know more about customer and can provide better service

At a time when the quality of service and customer experience is the main differentiator concerning the competition, the first step of a premium customer with a bank on that journey is a personal banker. Personalized as a bank, the personal banker now has all the information about the customer at any time and can instantly react to the requests made to him. In such an environment, artificial intelligence is an excellent tool, i.e., an assistant, and by no means a substitute for such a responsible job. The processes are fully automated and digitized, so all the paperwork is now part of traditional banking.

Engaging the client

Nowadays, the premium banking segment does not only mean the execution of requests by customers but also with the help of such sophisticated tools, a step forward. Now, a personal banker can also perform the role of a financial advisor, who will use artificial intelligence to create financial and investment proposals for his customer. This will further say that such a complete customer-oriented relationship platform, through a personal banker, but also together with the client adjusts future financial moves, thus achieving the final desired result. This not only achieves a superior experience but also works on education about the finances and investments of clients, which has a positive effect on customer loyalty and prevents going to the competition.


Looking ahead in terms of technology for taking care of the premium segment, big data and artificial intelligence will continue to play a key role in the evolution of wealth management, as algorithms and sophisticated models become further integrated into the bank’s services allowing for even greater service customization for each client. Currently, this is used in tailoring investment solutions to match clients’ risk appetite, but as the tools, they use become more advanced and their potential applications more widespread, AI and data will contribute to the value-add of more traditional services that rely on a deep understanding of individual circumstances and needs, such as inter-generational wealth transfers, succession planning, and other life events.

Team member
Nina Zivkovic
Product Specialist
Team member
Nina Zivkovic
Product Specialist

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