Examining and measuring customer satisfaction by using AI based CRM

August 17, 2021.

How examining and measuring customer satisfaction by using AI based CRM can positively affect your business?

When we talk about the importance of customer feedback, it’s always a challenge to explain it in the best possible and clear way. So, imagine having a pet or think about your furry buddy, who you love, nurture, and respect. Add to that imagination feeding your pet with something you think is the best for him, at the time of the day you think is acceptable, with the amount that is, in your opinion, necessary. He or she, if disagrees, will make some strange sounds, noise, or will just quietly lie in his place. And you won’t be able to recognize and understand these signs until something bad happens.

Keeping in mind that the customer is a pet from the story, and the company is a lost owner, it is not important which food you use for feeding, which product for impressing, as long as you do that without examination and feedback as a starting point. Companies need to make precisely directed and meaningful moves, not approximately ones.

Let’s find out below how examining and measuring customer opinions about your portfolio can positively affect and improve your business.

To smartly improve your current portfolio


The main thing in accomplishing two-way communication with your customers is listening. Without that, any marketing strategy is broken before it even started. Companies need to be prepared for both, constructive and criticism that is out of the place because any of them will surely lead to the company’s improvement. But employees in different departments only need to listen, very carefully, open-mindedly, and non-vainly. The key to the successful examination of satisfaction is to choose the right moment and the right way for doing that. By using the proper AI based CRM solution, companies can use non-invasive methods for measuring purposes and for gaining the most effective results. CRM’s offer a wide range of channels and types of short surveys for addressing most of your target audience, but also for analyzing the results and getting the best out of them by using the Analytical Module of that CRM. Gathering customer feedback and just accumulating it without drawing a conclusion from that information is completely useless and time-consuming, without any benefit at all.

To show your loyal customer they are your treasure


When you know your customers in the heart because you examine their feelings and opinions about all your actions towards them, you are guaranteed to offer them a better product, service, or information. With satisfaction examination by using CRM, you will be closer to them, you will be learning about them on a daily basis, and you will know how to impress them. Every quality CRM offers a module for this purpose which provides a real-time examination when customers are more likely to give feedback, for instance after finish the purchase. When a company is prepared for all the possible situations when the customer is engaged on some of the company’s available channels, it is very easy to ask a customer about their feelings and get real answers. Based on that data, the company will be able to provide proactively personalized offers or information to its most loyal customers in order to show them how they are valuable to the company’s ecosystem. The acquisition of new customers and community expansion are very important for every business, but nurturing existing loyalty is something that needs to be a priority. That is something that must not be taken for granted because behind every successful company stands a strong community of loyal customers and companies need to go the extra mile for them.

To make your employees happier and more satisfied


There is a very strong relationship between employee happiness and fulfillment, and customer (dis)satisfaction, especially in the case of the employees who are part of the customer-facing department. It is not big deal if some customer is dissatisfied with some employee on any grounds, but if that information is not realized and recorded, and the company cannot do anything about that, it can be a huge problem and omission. For instance, Selecta CRM’s Survey Management offers the possibility, after gathering customer feedback about bad customer service provided by a certain employee, to automatically assigned to that employee. Assignment usually comes with the recommendation on how to solve the escalation and how to make a certain customer more satisfied and connected to the company. The previously mentioned process of resolving feedbacks is completely designed by employees and can be assigned in any single phase of the (dis)satisfaction process, to any employee or group of employees, regardless of the position in the organization. In this way, employees will be connected with the customer and will have the opportunity to correct previous actions which aroused dissatisfaction in the client, which as a result has two satisfied personas- both customer and employee.

To let word-of-mouth principal does its work


,,The bad voice is heard five times louder than a good voice’’. When we convert this sentence into money, it is obvious how much it affects the financial situation of the company. Businesses need to try very hard to fight the battle on two fronts- to constantly provide quality products and services and be stand out from the competition, and, on the other side, to take care of customer feedback and satisfaction and include all their impressions into the process of product/service creation. In this social media era, customers can bring their dissatisfaction into public view easier than ever before. Usually, companies have a PR team for handling different requests, complaints, and questions on social media. That would be completely fittable if that handling is not separated from the previous or the next one in terms of having a unique way of resolving, storing, and recording feedback. Organizations that have a AI based CRM system that provides Module for gathering, analyzing, assigning, resolving, and using customer feedback are innovative, advanced, and customer-centric. This is something that is not easily interchangeable from the customer perspective and makes a difference between regular companies and ones that are completely relationship-oriented.

To prevent customers from churning


Realizing and respecting customer opinion, including them in processes, making them more satisfied are the crucial parts for extending customers’ time in your system. In times when finding alternatives in terms of different products, services and companies is a few-second process, the battle for showing your customers they are your wealth is fierce. Most people see the bad experience as a reason for leaving a company’s system. If organizations do not become aware of these situations, record and do something about them, priceless customers will very quickly replace your company with your competitors. But the one way which guarantees the most is an examination of satisfaction in a lightweight manner by using a real-time approach on the customer preferred channel. It can be right after visiting the branch, finishing some action on the site or app, filling the request in, etc., by using a very quick survey, question, interactive content which will gather customer feedback. With all those data company’s challenge of finding the best suitable offer for a certain situation and customer is overcome and it is more likely that touch of personalization and care will change customer opinion and he will stay longer.



Now more than ever is important to emphasize that examination of customer satisfaction is far more beyond the surveys. It is not an Excel table with customers’ answers and mere statistics. It is a great base for deep analysis and decision making, but also for providing the best possible service to your audience. By using quality and qualified CRM solution, companies can solve customer dissatisfaction efficiently on all digital channels, but also in person with all customer data previewed in their 360 profiles. The opportunity to find the right moment and the channel for examining opinions, but also to find the offer and employee for providing the best possible service is of huge importance. You just need to become a part of the CRM world.

Team member
Maja Jankovic
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Team member
Maja Jankovic
Product Specialist

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