How Raiffeisen Bank’s CRM analyze data of customers and create lasting value for the bank and its customers?

The development of technology has certainly made today’s business easier. But with this progress, both customer expectations and the challenges that companies face every day are growing exponentially. The banking industry is not exempt from this trend. Considering the trust that clients place in banks, in return they expect the best possible relationship as well as the most modern services that would meet their financial needs.

Raiffeisen Bank has decided to use Saga’s CRM solution – Selecta, to improve its day-to-day operations and to provide customers with the support they deserve, given that they have decided to cooperate with the leading bank in Serbia in the field of innovation.

Some of the challenges that banks face today certainly stem from the fact that they have a large amount of data about their customers. This requires a more detailed analysis of the client portfolio in order to better understand client needs. Besides traditional data sources, there is a need to collect information from digital channels (such as websites, chatbots, etc.) in one place, so that they can be used wisely to meet customer needs, as well as to create adequate marketing and sales strategies. In addition to that, if different sectors within the bank use different systems, there is a difficulty in day-to-day operations and space to improve the efficiency of them.

Implementation of Selecta has led to the improvement of customer relationships and better user experience, which has brought Raiffeisen Bank a significant competitive advantage, as well as a sustainable business solution in the future.

Besides the fact that Selecta allows the creation of customer profiles by a centralized display of relevant information, 360° customer view facilitates monitoring of customer-bank interaction during the period of contract, as well as a better understanding of the current customer-bank relationship. In addition, the platform, with its prediction, can help prevent attrition (timely recognition of the reasons for customer dissatisfaction), and thus provides space to increase customer satisfaction for mutual benefit with timely and adequate action.

Selecta boosts activities during the sales process, making it fully automated. The platform helps bank’s employees to register a potential client who is considering opening a bank account. Subsequently, the system notifies the bank clerk as follows:

  1. Has the client been contacted?
  2. Has the client become a bank client?
  3. Was the recommended product presented to the client?
  4. What is the client’s preference regarding the bank?

The platform reduces the chance of missing sales opportunities (leads) and helps to integrate sales opportunities from all channels (ATMs, mBanking, contact center, email, chatbot, branches) in one place, as well as to plan future activities. The connection between the contact center, the branch and the personal banker is enabled, so that the problem of constant transition from one system to another no longer arises. The campaign management module enables easy monitoring of all marketing and sales channels, campaigns as well as their adaptation to specific requirements, which has increased the percentage of conversion of leads. Additionally, the notification module simplifies the whole process and makes it more efficient. Selecta has also made it easier to monitor key performance indicators, via a control panel and clear graphical dashboards. These are just some of the modules within Selecta that have enabled easier day-to-day business for bank employees, but also better service and answers to customer requirements and needs.

Testimonial by Dragan Mikicic
Dragan Mikicic
Head of CRM Department, Raiffeisen bank Serbia
"Customers are the most important intangible assets for many businesses across the globe. With the purpose to significantly improve relationship with our customers and to strongly support the bank’s vision to be the most recommended financial institution in the Serbian market, Selecta supported by advanced analytics, has enabled us to build a robust sales/service platform with a unified and flexible interface to manage all customer touchpoints for marketing and sales activities. With Selecta in place, we are maximizing Customer Lifetime value and consequently the bank’s Customer Equity."

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