5 ways how using AI-based CRM can help in better marketing campaign creation

July 2, 2021.

Once upon a time in the world of non-sophisticated and non-original communications, there was a bright, shining star of all campaigns type – THE bulk campaigns. Companies believed that a one-fits-all approach will give desired results and the individual customer will be impressed and surprised. On the other side, the necessary employees’ effort for creating templated, non-personalized content and sending it to tens of thousands of addresses was huge. The main goal was generating communications whether or not they incentive sale, feedback, or any type of customer’s response. They have been on a throne for a very long time even though their impact on a companies’ results was questionable.

Day by day, customers increasingly did not respond to the bulk campaigns they received on a daily basis and companies need to find out how to impress them on a personal basis then, the real hero was born. Data-driven, customer-centric, event-based, automation-focused hero which is a real-time responder, helper in a lucrative decision making, next best action for a company generating, personalized content creating. It is a Customer Relationship Management system that completely changed and improved the way companies plan and realize marketing campaigns and actions, but also customers’ satisfaction with companies’ offers, responsiveness, proactivity, and treatments.

The 5 most important ways in which CRM can be a great partner when we are talking about the best marketing actions are listed below.

Focused targeting and effective customer segmentation

Any campaign, even one with the best suitable offer, content, and right moment of delivery, is useless if the company doesn’t send it to the right customer. The very first step in the whole marketing campaign process needs to be precisely defining the target group and segmenting customers if the company wants to make a memorable impact and results. The times in which employees need to store customers’ data in different files and programs, to manually sort and group them are over. CRM is the real treasure trove of information when it comes to learning about your target audience.

In CRM company has data about every single customer or prospect and can conduct the most profitable marketing activities. Effective customer segmentation implies splitting customers up based on the history of their activities related to the company’s business, their preferences, demographic data, etc. in order to provide the best offer.

Hyper-personalized content

From now to forever, underhand with CRM, forget ‘‘Dear customer’’ or any other impersonal phrase at the beginning of the content that screams  ’’Dear customer, this is the bulk campaign and you will get the exact same offer as any other customer!’’.  The wealth of any qualified CRM is the possibility to know your customer in detail from their gender, name, work title to their tendencies, behavior, the most up-to-date needs, and any other attribute company imagines. Having all those centralized information, the company can shape its offer and recommendation based on accurate customers’ preferences and previous activities. It is important to mention that personalization in CRMs takes a few seconds to apply, but that experience lives long in the memory of customers and keeps them coming back. They want to see brands care about them, they appreciate the personal touch and remember it.

Real-time customers impressing and multi channeling

Besides that customers like it when they get the right offer, it is not powerful as it is when they get it at the right time. The moment of delivery is the crucial part of the marketing process and an event-based company’s activities together with personalization are the perfect combination for satisfied customers that are loyal to your brand. With CRM, every campaign has an indeterminism nature because the behavior of the campaign is shaped in real-time depending on customers’ reactions on any available channel. At any part of the day, companies will be able to deliver what customers really need, provide adequate service and manage customers’ potential dissatisfaction. As a thing which is of paramount importance is the possibility to start communication on one channel and to continue it on other, more preferable from the customers perspective. All that communication will be stored in one centralized place in CRM- 360 customer view.

Non-customer (prospect) campaigning and third-party software integrations

One thing is when companies want to implement a new system from the beginning of its existence and a totally different thing when companies already use different systems and tools for their day-to-day business. The CRM is very grateful for these integration-based actions because it provides the possibility to connect with as many software as companies need in a very lightweight manner. That is a time saver since companies don’t need to switch from one screen to another, or to import data from different places to CRM. Even when companies use some popular advertising platforms for non-customer campaigning it is possible to integrate CRM with them. By using e.g. Google Ads company can attract potential clients, while through CRM the company monitors the conversion of prospects. It is very important to connect these elements in order to see the real reason for attracting prospects, but also to better define and implement future actions towards this segment of customers.

Process automation and high importance of contact policy

Each of the previous four things is not that impressive feature of CRM in terms of better marketing campaign creation if employees need to lose a lot of their time to adjust and apply them. And that is where the magic begins. Creating a campaign process that is tailored to the company’s actions and fully includes all the business rules and contact policy is the only step that employees need to make. Every other step is automated and follows a previously defined campaign process. This helps employees from the marketing sector who use CRM’s Campaign module to direct their priceless time on a creative process of campaign creations and only to import that in CRM through few clicks. Also, no client wants to be bothered by tons of campaigns on the same or different themes, so using CRM imposes precisely creating contact policy for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly business. This is something that is respected on the highest level in the CRM when it comes to contacting clients.


Using CRM for improving marketing campaign creation moves that process to a completely new level. The goal to make two-way communication where you respect and use customers’ feedback as a very important thing is fully accomplished by implementing a quality CRM system. Having CRM constantly collecting information and insights about customers as input in the campaign process is the best way to better respond to a customers’ preferences. Customers know what they want and they are ready to invest their time and money in enjoying the most personalized and memorable experience.

Team member
Maja Jankovic
Product Specialist
Team member
Maja Jankovic
Product Specialist

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